Saturday, January 22, 2011

Say How do you do and shake hands

 short and sweet:

Hi . no promises of wit, humor, or of being grammatically correct.


the name of this blog is dedicated to my love of the people I know on the river. You know who you are. It is in no way connected to any magic which goes against the Bible.

this is an introduction for those of you who know me, but don't know me.

I used to love cats. Now I like certain cats very much, and don't hate them, but don't like that they are very manipulative when they don't get their way. I miss my cat Biscuit, she's my favorite, and I'd much rather have her over the cats I have now. I never really liked Gravy ( the cat I got to keep Biscuit company); I only got him to keep Biscuit company, and she hated him, and so did I.
 Dear Gravy,
I don't think it's all your all your fault that you annoyed me. I believe you would've been better suited to an owner who couldn't hear you whine, and who would be happy to do nothing but sit and pet you all day.
Hope you found a better home.

I believe I was convinced that I was a "cat person" because I only ever had a cat growing up, and never had the opportunity to have a dog. Now, I believe I like dogs better, because they seem more forgiving, and loyal, and their love isn't only given on their terms. However, I don't know for sure because I have never owned a dog.

*switching gears*

I used to hate Christians because I thought they were rude, judgmental, and mean jerks.

Now I am a Christian. How's that for irony? Turns out I met a Christian on the river who was the real deal (he really lived according to the Bible, and didn't judge people who weren't), and that was the beginning of me thinking about pursuing a relationship with God. I now love Jesus as much as I'm humanly capable, and want to be like him, and know that I can't without his help. Much like CJ, who inspired me to start this blog, I often feel that I don't represent the name of Jesus Christ nearly well enough.  Also feel that if I think I am then something is wrong.

Word of advice to non-Christians. ... Christians are human, and we will make mistakes, guaranteed. Hear me out. Jesus is WAY cooler than any of us ever will be, so please don't judge Jesus based on the behavior of us Christians.

And- If you aren't comfortable with Jesus, don't let that stop you from talking to God. It took six months to a year of me talking to God for hours before he revealed the truth about Jesus to me. He met me where I was, and he'll do it with you too.

and and-   if you wanna feel his presence, which is greater than any drug or emotion or any thing ever!, then just talk or sing to him and thank him for everything, and ask him to come to you and he will.

So anyway, now that I'm a Christian, I'll probably talk alot about God or about my faith, because it is who I am, not just something I do.

Exp: My political views have changed, because my views have changed. Now I vote for the party that lines up with my beliefs, which don't happen to be popular with everyone.

can't think of anything else to say right now, all I keep coming back to is:

if you haven't given God a good chance because people have hurt you, please give him another chance! God is still God nomatter what people do. He doesn't change. I also apologize to you if you have been hurt by any Christians ever, on behalf of all Christians. People may never fully display the full love of God, so please don't judge God based on how you have been treated in the past.

also- God doesn't want you to "fix" yourself before you come to him, for those of you on drugs or whatever you're doing. He wants to help you; he wants to wash you clean, and only he truly can. So come to him as you are, and you'll see that what I've said is true.

Love and Blessings of The Lord Christ be to You and your Family forever. So be it.


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